Discover the Bora, a professional ballroom Latin dance costume that combines elegance and allure, perfectly sized for 6-8. This exquisite piece is designed to make a statement on the dance floor, with its sophisticated lace top and strategically placed skin-colored lycra that accentuates the dancer’s form.

The Bora features a delicate, crystal-covered collar that gracefully encircles the neck, leading the eye to the intricate borders that frame the lycra, each one sparkling with light. These elements work together to highlight the costume’s stunning design, ensuring that every aspect of the dancer’s movements is enhanced.

A striking red embroidered lace belt cinches the waist, providing a beautiful contrast that separates the top from the skirt. Below the belt lies a luxurious burgundy red velvet skirt, rich in color and texture. The skirt is lavishly covered in red crystals, each one contributing to the costume’s radiant glow.

The Bora is more than just a costume; it’s a work of art that moves with you. Its thoughtful design and meticulous embellishments guarantee that you’ll have a magnificent presence on the dance floor. Embrace the beauty and confidence that the Bora brings, and let your performance be as unforgettable as your attire.

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