Discover the unparalleled versatility of Calantha, a professional ballroom ensemble designed for size 8-10 dancers. This unique costume set includes four pieces: a top, a long smooth skirt, a short Latin skirt, and pants, making it suitable for smooth, Latin, and West Coast swing dances.

The top features a bodysuit with an elegant overlay of pink mesh on the shoulders and sleeves, complemented by an ombre lycra that transitions from pink to blue. It is lavishly decorated with thousands of Swarovski and Czech crystals in a spectrum of colors, ensuring a radiant presence on the dance floor.

Both skirts are designed to be worn underneath the top, creating a seamless look. They share the same ombre color scheme, gracefully moving from pink to blue, and add a fluidity to your movements.

The ensemble is completed with blue lycra pants that feature a striking side stripe of sapphire AB crystals. A pink fabric insert at the bottom adds a final touch of coordinated elegance. Calantha is not just a costume; it’s a dynamic wardrobe essential for any serious dancer looking to make an impact across multiple dance genres.

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