Tamsin Latin Ballroom Costume (Size 6-8)

Tamsin is a show-stopping Latin ballroom costume that might just require the audience to don protective glasses to fully appreciate its brilliance on the dance floor. Designed for size 6-8 dancers, Tamsin boasts a very sexy design that is lavishly adorned with Swarovski and other high-quality crystals of all sizes.

The dress features large Swarovski stones that create a sweeping curve along the right front, with additional curved stone designs accentuating this elegant trend. The density of the small crystals is so high that the design transcends a mere snowfall pattern, warranting the term “blizzard pattern” for its intense sparkle.

Strategic cutouts in the front enhance Tamsin’s allure, crossed with straps encrusted with crystals, while the backing of nude-colored lycra adds depth to the curves. The sleeves are made of black lace, generously sprinkled with crystals, contributing to the costume’s seductive charm.

An off-center V-shaped fringe skirt made from black fringe and bright black micro sequin fringe adds a dynamic flair to the ensemble. The back of the dress mirrors the front’s design pattern, ensuring that the dancer captivates from every angle.

Tamsin is more than just a costume; it’s a statement piece that promises to bring immense delight to the lucky lady who gets to wear it. Its exceptional design and meticulous craftsmanship are sure to make any dancer the center of attention.

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